Our purpose is to design/develop digital products and platforms that are beneficial to 21st Century businesses.

At MYTEHLA DIGITAL AGENCY, our job is to help businesses build compelling and productive websites that helps them showcase their services to a global audience and increase revenue through the use of highly quality graphics, sophisticated programming and highly effective CMS tools but it doesn’t stop there, we are also your one stop shop for every thing that concerns graphic designing and brand identity design. We are a well-established team of competent digital marketers comprising of highly trained web developers, search engine optimizers, graphic designers, brand identity experts, copywriters and conversion engineers that are ready to implement top notch strategies and techniques to make sure that we put the “ION” in the word “PERFECT”.

MYTEHLA DIGITAL AGENCY is an arm of MYTEHLA MARKETING, a revolutionary I.T company that is dedicated to creating technologically driven products and services to aid individuals and businesses solve problems as they go about their usually daily lives and activities. Our aim is to help enhance technology awareness in Africa and to harness these opportunities created by the improvement in Information and communication technology to help build long-lasting solutions to everyday problems.


Time Sensitivity

At MYTEHLA DIGITAL AGENCY time is of great essence,therefore we put our staffs and associates on a fix schedule in order to be able to deliver on time.

Reliable Team

We are fully equipped with the some of the most creative minds in the industry, capable and ready to provide you with the best of all our services.

Quality Customer Service

Our staff and associates are fully concerned about the level of customer satisfaction we bring to our client, so we ensure to always put in our best to provide quality services to our clients.

Affordable Pricing

Our products and services are affordable enough to fit your marketing budget, and you can always choose to optimize your online presence at a pace that is convenient for your business.


You can contact us at any time, for business consultation/ advice or to know more about our products and services.